OM4LB Ontology Model for Life and Business


A digital business and technology disruption create a revolution in worldwide organizations.

Our current reality is about capabilities and a one size fits all solution is not useful.  We need a holistic approach to include people, processes, information, applications and technology.

However current frameworks, best practices and vendor solutions complicate the whole environment and the market is claiming for simplicity.

We are not talking about miracles, because they are not repeatable, we really need alternatives, possible scenarios.

My name is Leonardo Ramirez, i am the creator and facilitator of OM4LB Ontology Model for Life and Business. Entrepreneur, Success Strategist & Mentor,Coacher,Keynote Speaker,Consultant,Enterprise Architect Authority

So Let`s talk about OM4LB. No matter what field you’re in, the principles of coaching remain the same.

In general, ontology (pronounced ahn-TAH-luh-djee ) is the study or concern about what kinds of things exist - what entities there are in the universe. It derives from the Greek onto (being) and logia (written or spoken discourse). It is a branch of metaphysics , the study of first principles or the essence of things.

In information technology, an ontology is the working model of entities and interactions in some particular domain of knowledge or practices, such as electronic commerce or "the activity of planning." In artificial intelligence ( AI ), an ontology is, according to Tom Gruber, an AI specialist at Stanford University, "the specification of conceptualizations, used to help programs and humans share knowledge."

In this usage, an ontology is a set of concepts - such as things, events, and relations - that are specified in some way in order to create a blueprint of current and future organizational capabilities indicating that Life is about our awareness when we are not in auto pilot and
Business is about the model of our organization .

Life Component

  • Get Over Old Patterns.
  • Identify Core Values.
  • Do What you Wish You Would Do.
  • Live a Company You're Proud Of.

Business Component

  • Identify Operating Model.
  • Assess Business Mision and Vision.
  • Assess Company Drivers and Challenges.
  • Design a Target Business Model Capability Map.
  • Create a Digital Model Capability Roadmap.
  • Discuss Gaps and Transitions.
  • Manage Key Success Factors.
  • Harness Transformation in your organization.

Ontology Model Component

With OM4LB you will get closer through the process, becoming good at communicating in a way that Strategy works with Execution,fulfilling your capabilities and remaining with deeply efficiency.

OM4LB is masterful at negotiating through the undelivered communications, strategies, agendas, and capabilities to have the organization and their business units feel understood, appreciated, to work through and to communicate and function together in a way that is fulfilling and energizing.

This succesful transformation model will take care of that.

Are you ready to put an end to thinking about how you wish it were and take action.

OM4LB is a practical approach for people and organizations in order to create massive innovative action and transformation.

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